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Ali Goldman, New Act Travel Indepent Consultant

About Ali Goldman

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   Ali is a bred-in-the-bone traveler. She was born into a family of pilots and airline executives and grew up in a household constantly filled with visitors from around the world. She followed in the family tradition, but fashioned her own vehicle by choosing to keep her feet on the ground (most of the time). After 28 years in the travel business, she still “thinks outside the box” as she specializes in exceeding the expectations of celebrity and global corporate clients.

  Ali began her career working for Walt Disney Travel in their wholesale and group department and then moved to Los Angeles and positions in high-end travel agencies. That experience made her realize that there was a savvy and sophisticated travel community wanting the all-inclusive service and personalized attention only a very experienced and well traveled agent with first hand knowledge and global contacts could provide. Since 1994, she has delivered that expertise to select and demanding clients as part of New Act Travel, arranging everything from villa and yacht rentals to private jet service and private tours.

 In her spare time, Ali also consults, lectures and travels to the far corners of the world. She currently has personal knowledge of more than 50 countries and six continents. Africa is one of her favorite destinations.